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ShootMania Storm is an online first-person action game developed by Nadeo, creators of the excellent Trackmania saga. In it, players jump into the battle arena to prove, alone or in teams, who is the best of the best.

ShootMania Storm stands out from the rest of this genre's games due to the many elements that make it unique. The primary and most fundamental is that community effort is one of the huge pillars of the game. This is because you'll have a comprehensive level editor available (the same one from Trackmania) to create maps that other players can play on.

The second thing that makes ShootMania Storm so unique is that, instead of an extensive repertoire of weapons to choose from, you'll only have one. This might seem bad at first, but it makes it so all the players play under the same conditions and is an effective way of showing who's best.

ShootMania Storm is exclusively based on multiplayer mode and, as such, includes several game modes for multiple players, many configuration options for games, and, of course, a matchmaking system that lets you find the waiting room that best suits you.

ShootMania Storm is a frenetic first-person action game where the entertainment is powered by all the game's other factors. The graphics, for example, are excellent, but once you start shooting and jumping, they'll be the least of your worries.
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